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Democrats have a party


Arkansas Democrats will celebrate election victories with a party -- why do I think Jason Willett is responsible for the name, the "Arkansas Blue Ball" -- at 8 p.m. Tuesday at Rumba Revolution. Most statewide Democratic winners are expected. Price $5 -- $5,000 for Republicans, says the news release, which is on the jump.


Celebrating Victory and Painting the State Blue

WHAT: The Arkansas Democratic Blue Ball

Democrats come together for an evening to celebrate a long and victorious campaign.  This celebration is made possible by hard work -- with special thanks to Republicans Asa Hutchinson, Jim Holt, Gunner DeLay and the rest of the gang that couldn't shoot straight!

Democrats: $5.00 with advance ticket purchase or at the door.
Republicans: $5,000. in advance or at the door - and admission not guaranteed

WHEN: Tuesday, November 14th - 8pm

WHERE: Rumba Revolution! - 300 President Clinton Avenue - Little Rock

WHO: Democratic activists, supporters and office-holders


U.S Representative Marion Berry
U.S. Representative Vic Snyder
U.S. Representative Mike Ross
Governor-Elect Mike Beebe (expected to attend)
Lieutenant Governor-Elect Bill Halter (expected to attend)
Attorney General-Elect Dustin McDaniel (expected to attend)
Secretary of State Charlie Daniels (expected to attend)
State Treasurer-Elect Martha Shoffner (expected to attend)
Little Rock Mayor-Elect Mark Stodola (expected to attend)
Arkansas AFL-CIO
Arkansas Regional Council of Carpenters
Democratic Party of Arkansas
Young Democrats of Arkansas
Ad-Craft, Inc.
Horton Brothers Printing
McLarty-Neaville Consulting
Rhumba Revolutions Restaurant



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