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A word from the wingnuts



Perspective. It's so important. My enthusiasm for broad Democratic victories in Arkansas is tempered a bit by the nature of many of the winners and rising legislative leaders, a number of them ultraconservatives who will demagogue the Pledge of Allegiance, gay people, abortion, etc., in a heartbeat. Most, too, are Democrats who believe in tax policy that favors the rich and spending policies that reward legislative parochialism.

So it's good to read things like the blog of the Republican Assembly of Arkansas, self-described as the Republican wing of the Republican party. It's more aptly described as as a pack of wingnuts. Imagine if they controlled things. Thanks to their tenuous hold on reality, that's not likely to happen. Their take on Tuesday's results in Arkansas is nonetheless useful to people like me:

Democrats candidates supported by a platform that removed the definition of traditional marriage swept the races for State offices. Many of these candidates supported civil unions for gays and allowing gays to be able to adopt children. Expansion of government and increased taxes will most likely continue to stifle growth in Arkansas. Election reform is doubtful. Based on the financial support received by these candidates and their identified areas of special interest, citizens can expect utility rate increases, expansion of control by Little Rock over the State election process, increased control of county property real estate assessments, and the advancement of the Lottery to fund education in Arkansas.

Arkansas now has more ties to the liberal northeast and the westcoast than the rest of Dixie. Although many conservative democrats are also celebrating the return of total Democrat control of State offices, they will eventually awake to the truth that their beloved party has in fact been taken over and changed and exists no more. It has been hijacked by the liberal left. Conservative pro-family democrats will have to decide whether to stick their "head in the sand" and ignore what is going on in their party, compromise their beliefs to be actively involved, or eventually leave their party.

One wonders, where Arkansas is destined when so many of our new state leaders do not publically support traditional family values and Biblical foundational truths?

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