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Waiting for noon and a recess appointment



As we wait for the Smirker in Chief's 1 p.m. (EST) appearance, we ponder the analysis. This sounds as good as any:

Geoffrey Garin, a Democratic pollster, said, “An important feature of this election, with implications for 2008, is that the center of the electorate clearly doesn’t like to be ignored in an era of base politics. The Republicans played to the base at their great peril among the middle.”

After a campaign that only escalated the tension between Mr. Bush and Congressional Democrats, the president will now face overwhelming pressure to take a more conciliatory approach.

Bush is incapable of conciliation. Nor is he due any compromise. You want mandate? Tuesday was a mandate.

Speaking of which: We heard last night that the president has  recess funny business planned, specifically  a recess appointment of Republican hatchet man Tim Griffin to replace U.S. Attorney Bud Cummins in Little Rock. But we heard this before the votes started rolling in. Bush's pursuit of this long-rumored appointment -- which could not be confirmed in the Senate before, much less now if Democrats take control -- will be some measure of what sort of lessons he's learned and what sort of uniting spirit he's really adopted.

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