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Beebe has announced the team -- poultry lobbyist Morril Harriman,  insurance lobbyist Ark Monroe, gas man Eamon Mahony, outgoing Rep. Joyce Elliott and Don Nelms, a retired car dealer with a strong environmental resume.

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Governor-Elect Mike Beebe today announced the chair and co-chairs of the team charged with transitioning to the next gubernatorial administration.

Beebe’s transition team, chaired by former Senator Morril Harriman, will help ensure a smooth and successful transition from the current administration to the Beebe administration.

“Over the past 18 months, we’ve laid out a positive vision for Arkansas and soon we’ll begin the long process of making that vision a reality,” Beebe said.  “These individuals have the experience, leadership and energy to ensure a smooth transition to a new administration to implement that vision.  We only have a moment to stop and catch our breath even after such a long campaign. There is a lot of work ahead.”

Harriman will also serve as the governor’s chief of staff, Beebe announced.

“Morril is one of my oldest and most trusted friends, like a brother,” Beebe said.  “He’s served our state and he’s worked in the private sector and he’ll bring an objective voice to the administration for how to move Arkansas forward.”

Harriman, a native of Hamburg, Arkansas, and former president of the Poultry Administration resigned his private-sector position, Tuesday.  Beebe’s Transition Team co-chairs include Eamon Mahony, Ark Monroe, Don Nelms and Joyce Elliot.  More information on individuals can be found below.

Morril Harriman.  Harriman served in the Arkansas Senate from 1985 to 2000.  He was a practicing attorney in Van Buren from 1975 to 2000.  Most recently, he served as president of the Poultry Administration.

Joyce Elliot.  Elliot, a former state representative and classroom teacher, served as chairman of the House Education Committee and co-chairman of the Joint Committee on Educational Facilities.  The Pulaski Association of Classroom Teachers (PACT) elected Elliott president in 1985.

Eamon Mahony.  Mahony is the former president of the Arkansas Oklahoma Gas Corp.  He has served on the Board of Directors for Alltel, the City National Bank of Fort Smith and the Arkansas Chamber of Commerce.  He was appointed the Arkansas-Oklahoma Arkansas River Compact Commission by President Clinton in 1994.

Ark Monroe.  Monroe, an attorney for 39 years, has served as Arkansas Insurance Commissioner and as Legislative Director for U.S. Senator Dale Bumpers.  He is currently a member of the Mitchell, Williams, Selig, Gates & Woodyard law firm.
Don Nelms.  Nelms, a retired businessman, served as a legislative liaison in the Governor’s office.  He also served on the Arkansas Natural and Scenic Rivers Commission, and as Chairman of Audubon Arkansas.

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