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The transition



A reader asks that the speculation begin on which Hucksterites will be first to go -- and how soon -- in the Beebe administration. Presumably, Richard Weiss' support of Beebe -- and  disavowal of his boss' dishonest recollecton of Nick Wilson history -- will keep him around for a fourth administration at DFA. Like the cockroach, he endures and survives all. Unlike the cockroach and most other members of the Huckabee administration, he doesn't scurry into hidden crevices when light shines upon him.

I keep volunteering to write a letter of recommendation for Alice Stewart, the uncommunicative press aide, but she keeps not getting back to me on that.

And what about Dept. Emergency Management. No, not director David Maxwell, a career bureaucrat who's stepped in after failures of Huck's earlier political appointees. It's fine for him to stay on. But surely Bro-in-law Jim Harris will be sent packing from that golden parachute the Huckster gave him.

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