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Somebody help me -- UPDATE



I've again perused the latest on legislative voting. A few precincts remain out. Democrat Lynn Carver's defeat by Republican Bill Pritchard was wider than I'd thought when I quit last night. Abandon hope all ye who enter Springdale. But Pritchard is a heckuva improvement over incumbent Jim Holt in the Senate seat.

Elsewhere, I'm still seeing at least a two-seat Democratic pickup in the House, including a narrow win by Democrat Jim House to pickup a Washington County seat from Republicans. Does anybody have a better number?

UPDATE: Make it three. A news release from Rep. Steve Harrelson says the Democrats picked up seats in Sebastian, Washington and Mississippi counties. That gives them 75 seats in the House, as I'd first thought last night.

A devastating loss for the state Republican Party across the board. Mike Huckabee leaves a state that once had a Republican senator, two congressmen and the top two constitutional officers with one congressman and a shrinking minority in the legislature. Is that a commentary on his party-building ability, or what?

Remember the Coalition for Arkansas' Future?  The Republican 527 attack vehicle targeted 10 legislative seats, as well as the governor's office. Democrats WON EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THE TARGETED RACES.

Heckuva job.

Can we hear no more about the 72-hour program? And Karl Rove?

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