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Dick Armey is talking on CNN about the confluence of events that came home to roost for the Republicans and the need to reshape the party. Getting rid of the president will help, of course.

But the party also needs a return to a semblance of moderation and a diminishment of the Taliban-like rule of the Religious conservatives and chickenhawks. It makes us slightly ill to say it, but the coming presidential candidacy of Mike Huckabee -- who moves easily among the religious Shiites but who projects a more moderate image -- is well-suited for a rebuilding team.

This is a national thread, but you'll be seeing many news articles in the next days and weeks about rebuilding the Arkansas Republican Party and a movement to reintroduce an element of old-school Republicanism back into the party.

UPDATE 8:30:

So far, so good. Santorum is gone. DeWine is gone. Chafee is gone. Lieberman stays -- sigh. Ford will lose. Maryland will remain Democratic. Menendez wins. Macaca Allen will win, looks like by just about the margin of a Green Party candidate in that state. Thanks Greenies. Missouri and Montana loom large.

Some mixed results in the House. Big Democratic wins over entrenched Republicans, but some are falling short. Nobody is making firm predictions yet. The defeat of Republican Anne Northup in Kentucky is sweet.

Tonight, we'll post links of interest to national electioin outcomes here. Feel free to contribute.

Here's a good link for running totals on all congressional seats.

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