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Inside baseball -- UPDATE



Political junkies -- believing Arkansas elections unlikely to produce surprises -- are looking ahead to Wednesday as a far more exciting day politically.

That's the day The Brotherhood, the shadowy and highly secretive Senate majority, wrests control in a reorgnization meeting that current President Pro Tem Jim Argue had tried vainly to delay. (Not that it would have mattered.) Jack Critcher takes the crown tomorrow.

Look tomorrow for tension on: divvying up nice new office space; changes in Senate staff, and the all-important committee chairmanships. The big news will be cutting some Republicans into the action in return for their membership (and votes against Sen. Dave Bisbee for pro tem). The Brotherhood has held invitation-only meetings to plan the takeover. It should be fun for those who like inside baseball. It is ominous for the public at large, if last session's porkfest is any indication. Coming soon: Porky's II.

UPDATE: People expected to know such things say The Brotherhood will boot Bisbee from Joint Budget and give his slot to Republican Shawn Womack of Mountain Home.

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