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Through the wonders of cell phonery, we just got a taste of George Bush at the rally at XNA. A whooping crowd cheers him as he defends his decision to go into Iraq and accuses Demorats of being soft on terrorism. It's no place for anybody from the reality-based community. Only the blind faith club members are in attendance.

Two correspondents report that Bush mispronounced A$a's birthplace of Gravette as Gruh-VET. But after being corrected, he got a laugh by saying something to the effect that he wasn't known for his brilliance with the language.

Or with .... etc.

Bush does seem to be adept at this kind of cheerleading, even if preaching now only to the choir. And speaking of preachers: Yes, we're told by one viewer, Armani Ronnie Floyd, the pope of NWA, famous for his pulpit endorsement of Bush, anchored the receiving line at Air Force One. Wonder if he uses local hotels to write his books?

President's transcript here.


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