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It was, too, about the Mansion


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Gov. Mike Huckabee continues to make a fool of himself with his self-aggrandizing recollections of what happened during the legislative gestation period of the great Nick Wilson scandal of 1997. Too many reporters are still around who covered the events and know he's blowing smoke.

Like John Brummett, who spells out in the clearest possible terms how Huckabee's veto of a tiny technical part of interlocking pieces of legislation grew out of a concern that Wilson was trying to cut into Huckabee's Velveeta money at the Governor's Mansion.

Huck's time would be better spent cleaning up yet another Youth Services scandal. And crafting his statement for the national press on how his "open" administration refuses to release documents on unethical staffers and appointees and denies press services to people he doesn't like.


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