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Huck: No right to health care



Hot Soup, the new website devoted to serious discussion of political issues founded in part by former Democrat-Gazette and AP stalwart reporter Ron Fournier, gives Gov. Mike Huckabee the spotlight to answer the question of whethere we have an "inalienable right" to health care. The governor concludes not. Legally, that's perhaps correct. But should it be the situation in the world's most powerful and prosperous country? Huck doesn't seem to think there's even much of a problem on the big stuff in health care, judging by the following excerpt. What do you think?

In this country people who have acute or critical health care needs are almost universally seen, even though those costs may be past [sic] on to the government or to the other tax payers in the form of unreimbursed care that hospitals place on the backs and the bills of those who are paying through private insurance or out of their personal pockets.

About 64 percent of readers disagree with this point of view, by the way.

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