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Is it paranoia if it's true?



Is the market always right?

If so, expect the price of oil to rise after next Tuesday, because that's what Wall Street thinks is going to happen.

Why? Because in recent years, the price of oil goes down before Election Day and spikes up shortly afterward.

That's fact, not consipiracy theory. Even Wall Street analysts say so.

In mid-October, New York Global/Securities published strong advice to buy "oil stocks and futures" to take advantage of a nearly certain post-election price increase.

The investor guidance mentions previous price dips that followed Senate hearings and investigations, particularly post-Katrina and this summer amid a similar price spike. The column contains a persuasive chart matching Congressional interest in oil and gasoline prices to subsequent dips in the price of crude oil. Then, when the heat came off, up went prices again. Similarly, "[A]fter the elections we believe oil will appreciate until there is fear in the market that Congress will take action, " says New York Global, an international investment banking and securities company.

Wall Street insiders are being advised to take advantage of the political manipulation of the oil and gas market.

Read the investor report linked in the excerpt. It's very straightforward, written simply and not very long.

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