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Huckabee dives into Saline Co. flap



The state Republican Party today issued a statement from Gov. Mike Huckabee defending Saline County Sheriff Phil Mask, who yesterday was accused by Saline County Prosecuting Attorney Robert Herzfeld of creating an illegal bank account and selling contraband firearms. (Click here for more info.)

"I know Phil Mask to be an effective Sheriff who isn't part of the good ol'boy political machine.  It is obvious to me that "Headline Herzfeld" couldn't resist an opportunity to get back up on the stage even though the voters of Arkansas rejected his kind of stunts when they voted him off the island in the primary for AG.  Perhaps Sheriff Mask will investigate Herzfeld's use of Drug Task Force money he used to do public relations work outside his district."

Yes, because using public money to promote yourself outside your "district" is definitely not cool.

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