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Battling in the Third (UPDATE)



U.S. Rep. John Boozman is getting a visit from Bush. And he's getting the business from Democratic candidate Woody Anderson, who faults the eye doc for the refusal of the eye clinic where Boozman used to practice in Rogers for refusing veterans health insurance coverage. Release on the jump.

UPDATE: Boozman called the Arkansas Times to respond.

"What is being said is totally misleading," he said. "I don't own the place anymore, and I haven't seen patients in four, four-and-a-half years. I don't know what insurance companies they do business with or don't do business with. I haven't had anything to do with them for a long, long time."

Boozman also said he is a strong supporter of TRICARE, the veterans' insurance program. "No one has worked harder than I have to get people on TRICARE," he said.

We had a followup later that a spokesman couldn't immediately handle. Did Boozman accept TRICARE when he WAS practicing in Rogers. The spokesman said Boozman couldn't specifically recall in part because he couldn't remember precisely when TRICARE in its present form was established. But the spokesman said the congressman was sure he'd served some veterans covered by some predecessor insurance programs for vets.


Fort Smith – Democratic nominee for Arkansas’s Third District U.S. House of Representatives seat, Woodrow Anderson, today called on John Boozman to explain why the eye clinic that bears his name in Rogers does not accept TRICARE, the military’s health insurance coverage.

A U.S. veteran, who wishes to remain nameless, was turned away from the Boozman-Hof Eye Clinic when he presented his TRICARE forms and was told that the clinic did not accept the coverage.  Follow up calls to the clinic confirmed that it is their policy not to accept TRICARE.

“John Boozman owes our Veterans an explanation,” Anderson stated.  “He says he supports our troops, but the clinic that bears his name doesn’t take the insurance program offered by the government to our Servicemen and women.”

“This is another case of John Boozman paying lip service to our troops,” Anderson said. “He claims publicly to support our nation’s Veterans and sits on the House Veterans Affairs Committee but doesn’t accept the health insurance that our military depend on.”


In 2005, the Arkansas General Assembly passed a resolution encouraging all Arkansas physicians and healthcare providers to accept TRICARE patients to increase the availability of medical services to members of the Arkansas National Guard and Reserve, active duty military personnel, military families and veterans (HCR 1005 of 2005). The resolution was also supported by the Arkansas Medical Society.


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