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Can they do that on TV? (UPDATE)



The defining issue in the race for attorney general? Gunner DeLay would have you believe it's people of the same sex kissing on each other. And marryin'. His latest TV ad has folks buzzing about all the sex Gunner is putting on the airways. Don't let A$a's kids see it.

UPDATE: Delay's campaign today sent a press release about the commercial, which includes the text of the ad.. (They didn't send it to the Arkansas Times, though. We used to be on their distribution list, but now we're not. Wonder why.)

“This issue is about protecting traditional families in Arkansas," DeLay said in the press release (which is available after the jump). "The New Jersey decision rendered this week shows that this battle is far from over. My hope for the families of Arkansas is the voters recognize what is at stake in this election."

The response from the campaign of his Democratic opponent, Dustin McDaniel:

DeLay doesn't have enough money to air the ad more than two or three times, so he's trying to make a story out of it.

“The people of Arkansas do not need an attorney general who lies with a straight face,” Rep. McDaniel said.  “I believe marriage is between one man and one woman, and I will always defend our constitution.  My opponent knows he is losing, and he is willing to lie about my record and my values in his last hail Mary effort,” McDaniel added.

“I thought Asa using kids in his ad was bad until I saw Gunner's ad. The people won't fall for it," McDaniel concluded.

DeLay Says Same Sex unions Now a Defining issue in the Race for AG

Little Rock, AR-Candidate for attorney general, Gunner DeLay, today announced his campaign has began airing statewide television and radio ads focusing on what he is calling the “defining issue” of the attorney general’s race. The ads feature recent headlines showing Dustin McDaniel’s support for same sex civil unions, as well as gay couples engaged in civil union ceremonies.  In the ads DeLay states, “he will fight any effort by the courts or Congress to undermine traditional marriage in Arkansas.”  DeLay’s commercial debuted in game four of the World Series Thursday night in the Little Rock and Fort Smith markets.

DeLay said he is calling the matter of same sex civil unions a defining issue because McDaniel is the only statewide candidate openly supporting civil unions at a time when recent polls show that Arkansas voters overwhelming oppose the idea. According to a poll recently conducted by the University of Arkansas’s Political Science Department, 74% of those polled oppose gay civil unions, which is basically the same margin that voted for the ban on gay marriage in 2004. 

DeLay said the issue is relevant to the attorney general’s race because the next attorney general may be called upon to defend Arkansas’ marriage amendment in court.  He said is very concerned about McDaniel’s recent statement that he would do nothing to oppose civil unions.  “It is clear that he is going to put his own liberal agenda ahead of the will of the people” DeLay said.  DeLay also believes that if the democrats take over Congress there will be some effort to pass a law that recognizes civil unions on a national basis.  DeLay said if that happens he will be in court the next day challenging such action on the basis it is a violation of the Tenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. 
“This issue is about protecting traditional families in Arkansas.  The New Jersey decision rendered this week shows that this battle is far from over. My hope for the families of Arkansas is the voters recognize what is at stake in this election,” DeLay concluded.

Commercial copy Civil Unions:

Only one candidate is openly supporting the gay agenda in favor of same sex civil unions, Dustin McDaniel. Civil unions like they have in Vermont would have the same legal status as a traditional marriage between a man and a woman. “I’m Gunner DeLay, as Attorney General I’ll fight any efforts by courts or the Congress to undermine traditional marriage in Arkansas.” Vote Gunner DeLay, protecting Arkansas families.

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