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Mr. Diebold; paging Mr. Diebold UPDATED


Serge Rachmaninoff, the Hempwallace elections reporter, says it was chaos at his early voting precinct.

None of the aging poll workers had any idea of how the electronic voting machines work, and older voters were having a heckuva time figuring the things out.

Worst of all, the machine on which Serge tried to vote hadn't been calibrated correctly so that when he touched the screen to vote for Mike Beebe the vote was cast for A$a! Serge finally figured it out but when he went to look at the paper-tape printout of his votes the ballot was too big to show through the little window anything except the last three or four votes on his ballot.


Voting was brisk at 4 p.m. at the McMath Library.

The poll workers knew what they were doing.

The electronic machines were functioning reasonably well. It seems that you need to poke the box next to your candidate's name with your fingernail if you have stubby fingers.  And sometimes poking the center of the box didn't make the green checkmark appear -- you needed to poke toward the bottom of the box to make it work well. Even so, one race did light up the wrong candidate and had to be poked repeatedly to make the proper candidate receive the green checkmark.

Verdict: Okay.

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