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Good for McDaniel, sort of



Earlier this week, AP's Andrew DeMillo had an interesting interview with Democratic atty. gen. candidate Dustin McDaniel in which he reiterated opposition to same-sex marriage but indicated support for civil unions, as a means to provide legal protection for unmarried couples. Refreshing words. The story cycled off the websites in Arkansas that carry AP too quickly for me to link. But Doug Thompson of Stephens Media followed up yesterday. Gunner DeLay promises to demagogue this humane idea today (and probably every day until election day). Every poll we've seen, by the way, including in Arkansas, indicates a majority open to civil unions, but not "marriage."

The D-G also followed up on this and, in their account, McDaniel appears to be parsing carefully now on just what it is he supports. The D-G reminds him that the state constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage also likely bans civil unions as a legal matter.

Copy and paste this url for the D-G article:§ion=News&storyid=170047

UPDATE: The expected DeLay fulmination is on the jump.


Little Rock, AR-Gunner DeLay, republican candidate for attorney general, today said his opponent’s public support of civil unions for homosexual couples comes as no surprise.  DeLay pointed out that two weeks ago at a press conference in Fayetteville he contended the democratic ticket was not being honest with the voters about their support of the gay agenda. He asserted that McDaniel’s’ statements concerning civil unions only prove his point.


DeLay stated, “McDaniel finally showed us his true colors by being the only statewide candidate to openly support civil unions for homosexuals.  It’s good to see him come out of the closet and reveal to the voters of Arkansas what he is all about.  Although he says he supports the traditional definition of marriage, he clearly wants same sex unions to have the same legal status as a marriage between a man and a woman.”


DeLay said he knew McDaniel was hiding something when he refused to answer the Family Council candidate questionnaire. “Those questions are real easy to answer if you have traditional family values,” DeLay said. “The fact that he did not send in a response definitely sent up a red flag. It is obvious that he embraces the same philosophies as Howard Dean.”   


DeLay cited Vermont’s Civil Union law that took effect in 2000, which Howard Dean signed into law as Governor of Vermont.  The law gave same-sex couples in that state the ability to obtain a civil union license, allowing them to gain many of the same benefits, protections and responsibilities under Vermont law that are granted to spouses in a traditional marriage. Vermont's civil union legislation also provides child custody rights for gay and lesbian couples.


“It is obvious that Dustin is way out of step with the voters of Arkansas. I believe once he gets civil unions passed into law, the next step would be gay foster parents, and finally gay adoption. Arkansans need to wake up and see what is at stake in this election and send a message that they don’t want Howard Dean’s values in the attorney general’s office.”




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