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Thanks, Mitt



We've told you that the Republican Governors Association has pumped $500,000 into the Arkansas governor's race. We've told you that had less to do with Asa Hutchinson's chances of winning than Mike Huckabee's influence within the association. Consider this more evidence of our position.

Mitt Romney, head of the RGA, was on Wolf Blitzer's show on CNN today. There are currently 28 Republican and 22 Democratic governors. Romney made no bones that the numbers will change in November.

ROMNEY: ... We don't want to lose as many as -- as would be indicated by just the sheer mathematics. But we will certainly lose the lead. ...

BLITZER: So there will be a majority of Democratic governors?

ROMNEY: Oh, sure.

BLITZER: As opposed to a majority of Republican governors?

ROMNEY: Oh, sure. I think -- I don't think there is anyone who has looked at the poll numbers that doesn't think that will happen.

You have got states like New York and Arkansas that are blue states that have Republican governors who are retiring.

Would you agree that it sounds like Mitt Romney has written off Arkansas? Maybe he doesn't know that Mike Huckabee, his poll numbers diving, has promised to do some campaign for Asa Hutchinson. Some day. Between Imus and screwing up in Oklahoma.


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