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How desperate are the Repubs?



They have The Huckster critiquing Mike Beebe duck hunt photos, that's how desperate they are.

Brummett notes, after exploding the latest fiction (he'd earlier tracked a question about Beebe hair styling):

OK. I'm done with the ducks. I'm done with the dog. I'm done with the air. And I'm still waiting for a Republican, any Republican, to land a solid blow on Beebe, substantive or otherwise.

This duck silliness must be some of the Huckster's campaigning for A$a, long promised. Nice that he could work in a call to Brummett between making a fool of himself in Oklahoma, jetting into Michigan, chatting with Imus today, etc. I wish Brum had inquired about that smashing Oklahoma foray, which earned The Huckster condemnation in the state's two largest newspapers.

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