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You have to give credit to a.g. candidates Dustin McDaniel and Gunner DeLay. They appeared on stage with the Green Party candidate, Rebekah Kennedy. (You have to wonder if they knew about her beforehand. She's sharp.)

But no platform provided by the gubernatorial candidates for the third-party and independent (and write-in) candidates in THEIR race. Perhaps they wouldn't like the comparisons.

In any case, Green candidate Jim Lendall isn't going to be demeaned further by showing up for the third major party debate tomorrow night and being not only denied participation, but admittance to the staged-for-TV event. He sends in his news release on the jump.



I will not be in Little Rock Tuesday night to observe the two major party
candidates advertising their campaigns with my tax money.  The voters of
Arkansas should be outraged that the two major parties have used their money and
influence to force public institutions (ASU and UA) to sponsor forums that
deprive the voters of a full discussion of issues.  The mock debates have lacked
any real substance.

I will be campaigning in northwest Arkansas for most of this week.  I have
travelled the entire state in the past few weeks, meeting with people in
schools, diners and civic groups.

I have continued to emphasize the key points of my campaign:

  --- the need for a real choice on the ballot - the major parties have left the
voters behind;
  --- the need for my candidacy to obtain at least 3% of the November 3 vote in
order to remain on the ballot ... to provide that choice;
  --- the need to protect the environment of Arkansas for not just today but for
the generations who follow;
  --- the need to defend the civil rights of ALL residents of this state - the
gubernatorial candidates of the two major parties are perpetuating an atmosphere
of prejudice, discrimination and hate with their rhetoric about gays and
  --- the need to defend the rights of working people- health care, safe working
condidions, a living wage, whistleblower protections;
  --- the need to restructure Arkansas' tax system - to make it fair and
progressive (I am the ONLY candidate who has actually sponsored bills to remove
the sales tax on food.);
  --- the need for candidates who will give you answers that are not ambiguous;
  -- Again, the need for a choice for a change.

For details, see my web site:

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