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Fact-checking the DOG



Have you checked out our Blog page, particularly Snafu, a very smart veteran who's interested in defense issues and who posts from the western wall of Arkansas?

We don't read Brad Gitz. Life is too short. But Snafu did and chews up the "facts" posited by the eminent Lyon College doctor.

Surprisingly, for a college professor, Bradley Gitz does not seem to do any research before writing his Democrat-Gazette column.  In today's column, to support his claim that the "human costs" of Iraq aren't significant (I am sure the families of the dead will be glad to hear that), he stated the following:

"Nearly as many American soldiers died on the first day of battle on Iwo Jima as have been killed in 3 1/2 years of fighting in Iraq."

Gitz was off by a factor of  more than five.  Over 2700 Americans have been killed in Iraq.  According to the Navy's official history, there were 519 KIA/MIA on 19 February 1945 (Victory in the Pacific 1945, pg 44, 2d line).

Maybe Gitz is an easy grader and would say that his claim was close enough.

There's more. Check it out.

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