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Wal-Mart takes a $78 million lick



A Pennsylvania jury tabs Wal-Mart $78 million for forcing workers to work off the clock. This follows a $172 million verdict in California for denying meal breaks.

Remember these cases when the Little Rock Public Education Foundation, chamber types and other shills tell you what a favor Jim Walton and family are doing in trying to institute merit pay in Little Rock schools. What they are really trying to do is break the teachers union and do away with contracts that give school district workers a measure of protection from abusive administrators. The Wal-Mart way is to get by on the least amount possible. Do you really believe the lucky heirs to that fortune want something different for the teacher work force in Little Rock?

And by the way: If the Foundation and its board members continue to lobby in favor of pro-Walton policy votes by the School Board and endorse candidates, maybe it's time for them to register as lobbyists.

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