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Shameless self-promotion



If you haven't yet, I encourage you to dive into this week's Times, and not only for Warwick's cover story on the race for governor.

The Insider has word of the first effort -- by big restaurants -- to water down the brand-new minimum wage law. Plus other nuggets of news.

My column reveals that Gov. Mike Huckabee has shut down his CLAPAC, a six-year-old vehicle ostensibly established to promote conservative Arkansas candidates. It did a little of that, but there's a strong suggestion in the spending pattern -- almost 60 percent of $340,000 raised went to overhead, not candidates -- that this was yet another Huckabee slush fund.  His maneuvering was cramped after I and, later, the Democrat-Gazette shone a light on his spending on travel, a personal political consultant, etc.

Warwick's column considers the tight race for lieutenant governor and reports some outreach by Bill Halter to a Democratic legislative establishment that hasn't exactly embraced him warmly.

Be sure, too, to check out Assmunch, AKA Bob Lancaster, who nails the Democrat-Gazette for a bit of editorial hypocrisy when it scolded Little Rock for historical revisionism in adopting The Rock as a nickname -- "est. 1722." Do we need history lessons from a newspaper that has backdated its founding to the starting date of a newspaper it had shut down and that now claims the defunct paper's Pulitzer Prizes as its own?

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