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You gotta laugh when the D-G runs stuff  like the Thomas Sowell column ("Serious times, serious discussions") it carried today. Sowell urges journalists to forget about the outing of a CIA agent or a sexual predator in Congress and get busy focusing on the important (less damaging to Republicans) stuff.

Thanks to Jethro for a link to NY lawyer/blogger Glenn Greenwald who illustrates with lavish direct quotations, how  Thomas Sowell kep HIMself busy during the Clinton era.

In the late 1990s -- when Osama bin Laden was busy building his Worldwide Jihadi Army to wage war against Western Civilization in order to enslave us all under his Caliphate Empire -- Sowell, the Serious Scholar, devoted the vast bulk -- really, virtually all -- of his scholarly attention to Susan McDougal, Linda Tripp, Monica Lewinsky, the secret connections between the Clintons and Arkansas drug dealers, and the mysteries surrounding Vince Foster's so-called "suicide":

... The same people who are now demanding that corruption and sex scandals are frivolous distractions from the Very Serious Wars we must fight were the same ones who spent the 1990s protesting that missile attacks on Al Qaeda distracted attention away from the all-important Starr Report, Vince Foster "suicide," and investigations into Arkansas air strips. Thomas Sowell had a weekly column that was widely read and, like so many of his ideological comrades, he spent the bulk of the last two years of the 1990s (at least) -- not one or two columns, but most of his columns -- writing about investigations into presidential semen stains and Susan McDougal's real estate deals.

... for eight years, Rush Limbaugh and his copycats and followers talked about almost nothing other than the Rose Law Firm, Whitewater, Monica Lewinsky, penile spots, sexual uses of cigars, Hillary's lesbianism, Hillary's affair with Vince Foster, Henry Cisneros' payments to his mistress, Paula Jones and Bill Clinton's private appetites.

But now, people like Sowell are here to tell us that a tawdry sex scandal involving teenage Congressional pages being freely used as sexual playthings with the knowledge and acquiescence of virtually the entire House leadership (who thereafter repeatedly lied, and continue to lie, about their knowledge and involvement) is an irrelevant and frivolous distraction from what Really Matters, and only the most Non-Serious person would talk about something like that.


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