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And speaking of The Huckster



Gov. Mike Huckabee keeps telling John Brummett that he's going to get down to campaigning for Arkansas candidates any day now. But he keeps campaigning elsewhere instead, not to mention shutting down the PAC by which he once promised to support good conservative Arkansas candidates. (One of his last beneficiaries was a yellow-dog Democrat, Robert Moore.)

But back to Huck's travels. He's been in Oklahoma this week, working for Oklahoma legislative candidates and, in the process, got in a peeing match with Oklahoma Attorney General Drew Edmondson, who's been none too happy about the pollution caused by the Arkansas chicken industry in streams that flow through Oklahoma. (You decide which one was the skunk. Huckabee shilled for the polluters if that's any clue.)

There's a report here on a good Oklahoma political blog, The McCarville Report. A slice, starting with Huck defense of the poultry industry:

The industry has spent "millions of dollars of their own resources over the past 20 years to voluntarily push for higher levels of compliance with those strict environmental protections," he said. Huckabee also defended his state's regulation of the poultry industry and called one of Oklahoma's pollution goals "unattainable."

Edmondson fired back, saying that Huckabee is "clearly a poultry company apologist." Arkansas is attempting to intervene in Oklahoma's federal lawsuit against the poultry industry. Edmondson filed the suit in 2005 after 3 1/2 years of negotiations with Arkansas poultry producers. Huckabee characterized the lawsuit as a political act by Edmondson. He said Edmondson "seems totally bent toward making this a platform for his own political future than he does in actually solving the dispute."

Edmondson said in a statement that Huckabee "should be ashamed of the poor job Arkansas has done in regulating the poultry industry.

Hmm. The Huck  failed to show for a scheduled radio show this morning. Couldn't stand the heat, maybe?


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