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Boozman/Huck sidestep



Silent Rep. John Boozman has finally reacted -- angrily -- to challenger Woody Anderson's suggestion that the Republican congressman was too close to the House leadership, which covered up concerns about resigned Rep. Mark Foley.  Let's recap: Boozman hardly knows Foley. To say he was on the whip team with him is akin to saying he's a member of the same Lions Club. Foley is a "pervert." Anderson is guilty of character assassination. Though Boozman is quite sure that a man he hardly knows is a pervert, he's far more cautious about Republican leadership. He's not ready to judge THEM. He's going to wait and see what develops before criticizing Denny Hastert.

Also, I see from the morning D-G that somebody finally got a question to The Huckster's press girl about the Foley Affair. The governor, too, is happy to flay Foley as a "pervert." The Republican leadership? He'll not talk about them, whether the multiple people who ignored warnings or the page committee hack who made sure Democrats were kept in the dark. Hate the sinner, love the protectors of the sin is The Huckster's motto.

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