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Tavern crackdown -- UPDATE



Because of mulltiple complaints, including a recent shooting, city officials have scheduled a 4 p.m. news conference today to announce a "plan" to deal with Legends, the after-hours joint on Rodney Parham.

UPDATE: The city said the club has agreed to an earlier closing hour and more security and lighting. News release on the jump.


Little Rock Mayor Jim Dailey, City Manager Bruce Moore, Police Stuart Thomas, City Attorney Tom Carpenter and other City officials met today with representatives of Legends Sports Bar & Grill Inc, and its landlord.

Over the past several months there have been repeated incidents of violent and non-violent calls to the Little Rock Police Department to Legends Sports Bar & Grill on North Rodney Parham. These have taken place at the club itself, the parking lot, and the surrounding neighborhood.  This has caused a significant workload increase and service drain for the Little Rock Police Department.

            As the City has done in the past with other properties, perhaps most notably the Palace on Wright Avenue, we are working with the representatives of the owners and landlords to develop an agreed order.

            The City demanded and representatives of Legends accepted the following items:

1.      Change hours of operation to be in line with City ordinance for hotels, motels, and restaurants.  Closing time of 2:00 am on Monday through Friday; 1:00 am on Saturday; and 10:00 pm on Sunday.  This will begin on October 6

2.      Four armed, certified, uniformed security officers from 10:00 pm to 30 minutes after closing.  In 2 months, this will be reviewed to determine if the number of officers is adequate.  This will begin on October 6.

3.      Need for increase lighting will be reviewed

4.      Install cameras outside the club by October 18

5.      The City will be notified within 48 hours of any ownership or tenet changes.


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