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Gunning for DeLay


Can you pile on too much? We wonder because Dustin McDaniel seems likely to be cruising to an easy win in the race for attorney general, but the Democratic Party keeps beating up on Republican opponent Gunner DeLay. In a news release below, it's for DeLay's getting a ticket for not having a child's seat for a young passenger and then getting cited for contempt of court for not paying the ticket. In 1989. We offer no defense, but still ...


LITTLE ROCK – The Democratic Party of Arkansas today criticized GOP Attorney General nominee Gunner DeLay for his 1989 conviction for contempt of court.   


"It's not that this was an earth-shattering crime, but he was a lawyer.  He should have had a better understanding and respect for the law than that -- particularly if he wants to be the state’s top attorney," said DPA chairman Jason Willett. 


In 1989, DeLay was given a traffic citation for driving with a child in the vehicle without using a child restraint seat.  He pleaded guilty to that offense but failed to pay his fine.  The District Court of Sebastian County found him in contempt of court and issued a warrant for his arrest.  DeLay turned himself in to authorities and paid his fines for both the traffic violation and the contempt of court charge.  (Fort Smith Police Department Arrest Report Number 90-07462, and Sebastian County District Court, Case No. 89-0325566)


"The troubling thing is that this contempt charge comes in a long line of run-ins DeLay has had with the law,” Willet said.  “His years of tax evasion, campaign finance law violations, unpaid debt lawsuits and now this -- it should give the voters serious cause to be concerned.” 


“Mr. DeLay should be forthcoming with the voters about his background and ethical issues.  What else is he hiding?” Willett said.  “If he wants to be the state's top lawyer, I think he owes it to the voters to come clean about his record." 

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