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Tough on immigrants



The Arkansas Republican Party is very proud of A$a Hutchinson's plan to crack down on illegal immigration.

With just a month to go in the Arkansas Governor's race, the contrasts between Asa Hutchinson and his opponent are becoming crystal clear.

The latest example is over how both candidates address (or fail to) the issue of illegal immigration. Asa Hutchinson is the only candidate with a plan to crack down on illegal immigration in Arkansas.

Mike Beebe - Asa's opponent and the state's Attorney General - says the state shouldn't get involved in enforcing the law. He opposes Asa's plan to train state police to enforce immigration law, to prevent the state from hiring illegal workers and to end "catch and release" of convicted aliens from our local jails.

So let us get this straight. A$a, as governor, promises the state can do a better job at something he failed to do with far more money and people while he was at Homeland Security. He believes the State Police has enough time on its hands to check working papers on chicken processing lines and in the greenskeeper sheds at country club golf courses.

Also: again with this promise to "prevent the state from hiring illegal workers." Is Arkansas hiring illegal workers? Where? Could the Republican Party perhaps ask the current Republican governor to stop it? We would, but he doesn't take our calls.

Also: about that end to "catch and release." If it's all the same to A$a, we'd prefer the overstuffed County Jail hold the gangbangers who are running up LR's homicide rate, not giving up space to hard-working and generally law-abiding members of society who have failed to obtain proper work documents.

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