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The Hog T-shirt police



Brummett today snorts at Walton University's crackdown on a Hog fan who made T-shirts crtical of Houston Nutt. (We'll write more about the young man,in a cover story this week about unhappiness in Hog nation. And, heck, why not an early view of the front and back of the shirt itself. We're thinking about printing some up and distributing them ourselves.)

Brummett laughs at the notion that the university can claim a copyright to the image of Nutt, a public figure. But it turned its taxpayer-financed legal Gestapo loose on a kid who didn't have the resources to fight their army of lawyers and didn't want to lose his football seats. The Times has been down this road against Fayetteville's legal bullies, who want to enshrine for the public university the right to secrecy granted private corporations. PS to Brummett -- we're not sure legal precedents support the university counsel's assertion that any memos he sent to publicly paid university staff can be hidden under an attorney-client protection.

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