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Huck down; bingo up



More poll results from Stephens Media:

Huckabee favorability rating drops below 50 percent. (Has somebody noticed his appearances in Arkansas are mostly when things are named for him or his family?)

Hendrix College political science professor Jay Barth, who is a member of the Democratic Party state committee, said voters might feel the governor is not paying as much attention to the state as he should.

"Are voters sensing that his attention has turned away from his job and toward his future ambitions?" Barth asked. "He clearly has spent a lot of time out of Arkansas in the past few months."

Art English, political science professor at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, said Arkansans like their leaders close to home.

"That's really a high negative for a guy who really hasn't been that engaged, relatively speaking, in the last few months," said English, also a Democrat.

Also, the charity bingo amendment enjoyed a 68-24 edge in the poll.


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