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Halter fires


And Holt is an inviting target, having stood nearly alone against an increase in the state's minimum wage. News release on jump.


The Halter for Lieutenant Governor campaign today challenged
Jim Holt to tell approximately 127,000 Arkansans why they aren’t better-off
today with a minimum wage increase than they were last week before the hike
took effect.  Jim Holt’s vote against the minimum wage is a defining issue
in this race and it shows Holt is out of touch with the needs of real
Arkansans and is not on their side.  Holt is so out of touch that he
believes the very concept of the minimum wage is Soviet-style Socialism. 
The official increase in Arkansas’s minimum wage took effect yesterday.

“A professional politician like Jim Holt doesn’t understand that not
everyone can just live off their legislative salary and inflated mileage
reimbursements and per diem like he does – most Arkansans have to work for a
living,” said Michael Cook, Halter campaign manager.  “The minimum wage
increase helps roughly 127,000 Arkansans earn more for their hard work. 
Holt is so out of touch with working Arkansans that he said in a recent
debate that he’d vote against it again if he could and even likens the very
concept of the minimum wage to Soviet-style Socialism.  Jim Holt is clearly
not on the side of working families.”

In a special session earlier this year, Jim Holt was the only State Senator
to vote against raising the minimum wage.  Holt said in explaining his vote
against raising the minimum wage from $5.15 to $6.25: “It is really up to
the individual to negotiate with his employer what he is worth.”  [Arkansas
Democrat-Gazette, 7/2/06]

Jim Holt may be the only professional politician in the State Legislature
since his only income is his legislative salary.

“Bill Halter has a wide-range of experience in the public and private sector
that makes him qualified to be Lieutenant Governor.  Unlike his opponent,
Bill Halter is not a professional politician,” said Cook.  “Our next
Lieutenant Governor must have executive management experience and a record
of accomplishment.  Jim Holt has neither and was named by the Arkansas
Democrat-Gazette as one of the “Top Ten Worst Legislators” three times in a

Raising the minimum wage will improve the lives of roughly 127,000 Arkansas
workers and their families.  Of those 127,000 workers, that represent 12% of
Arkansas’s workforce, over 80% are over the age of 20, dispelling the myth
that increasing the minimum wage only benefits teenage workers. [Arkansas
Advocates for Children and Families, “Paychecks and Politics”, December

Here is what Jim Holt said in June about the minimum wage: “I was an analyst
of the Soviet Union [at the National Security Agency] and I know socialism
when I see it. Our children are not wards of the state. Taking children from
their parents and setting a minimum wage is what the Soviets did.” [Arkansas
Democrat-Gazette, 6/17/06 and 6/18/06; Springdale Morning News, 6/9/06]


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