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Just a reminder that you can go here to peruse our list of community bloggers, which is to grow by one sometime today. There's activity all over. ARMedia is looking at the New York Times; Death by Inches is doing his inimitable thing; Ninja Poodles has had an ongoing discussion on tiny tot beauty pageants (we had a threatening phone call from the Maryland mother of a five-year-old pageant contestant over Ninja's link to a site featuring her daughter. If she didn't want people looking at photos of her daughter, we inquired, how come she put it on the WORLD WIDE WEB, for crying out loud!) I particularly call attention to Hoglawyer, who's been at a meeting recently where a lobbyist talked about how you make sausage at the legislature. Four-letter words are involved, said the lobbyist: GOLF, FOOD, BEER.

You heard it here first. It's time for a cup-of-coffee ethics law in Arkansas. Past time.

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