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Dome scandal



Al Dentay writes concerning LR city government's nonsensical plan to reinstall an ugly dome atop City Hall that even the architect hated. The cost: $500,00 or so -- probably or so. Pithy assessment:

City leaders trying to replace dome on City Hall: "We'll cross that bridge when we come to it" regarding financing.

And we wonder why the jail sales tax failed.

Not to be outdone, Seymour Butts, Hempwallace buro chief, offers a scenario about how this half-baked scheme was hatched:

Wouldn't you love to be a fly on the wall in them offices over to City Hall. Bryan Day and Dean Kumpuris and Skimp Frothingford and Jimmy Joe Dailey sittin' 'round eatin' some Hostess Sno Balls outten the vender machine and sippin  Cherry Diet Dr Peppers an' brainstormin':

Kumpuris and Frothingford (in unison): Sheee-yut, boys, we ain't spent no money -- no REAL money -- in damn near six months. What dumb-fook scheme can we cook up this afternoon?

Dailey: Hell, what's left to spend on? We done have a president liberry and a ee-lectric street car and a submarine and a new ball park and a reformed mansion visitor center and a arena.

Day (dreamily): Y'know, I was lookin' at some old pitchers down in the basement and y'know, this place useta have a bick-ass DOME up own it.

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