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A$a’s campaign announced today that Gov. Huckabee would sponsor a fund-raiser for the Republican gubernatorial candidate Sept. 29 preceding the Arkansas Outdoor Hall of Fame Banquet at the Peabody Hotel. Nice of Huckabee to take a break from campaigning for candidates in Iowa and South Carolina to help out an Arkie. Maybe it will be an opportunity for A$a! to ask him, please, stop talking in front of reporters about the “lousy job” the Bush administration’s Homeland Security Department has done on border security. You may remember that Huckabee’s would-be successor used to be in charge of, well, border security.

Confidential to DK: Man, if you want to wrap A$a in the flags of the NRA, the hooks-and-bullets crowd and the antelope-slaying Huckster, finish the job. Send us a photo of A$a with some dead animal he’s slain recently. I bet Mike! has one. In fact, we welcome trophy shots here from all candidates. (You, too, Rod and Jim.) Though we confess a preference for monster watermelons, squash shaped like Richard Nixon's head and tortillas imprinted with the image of Jesus.

UPDATE: Seek and ye shall find. No dead critter available, but the campaign provides us a shot of A$a! well-armed and camoed on the trail of warm-blooded prey. Top that, Mike!


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