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Taking down The Dean


The Daily Howler, who's long chronicled the Bush team's co-option of Washington pundits, is on a roll today. It's a brutal takedown of the sanctimonious David Broder, often lionized as the dean of Washington pundits. Point-by-point, the Howler's Bob Somerby shows how Broder pandered to and misjudged Bush even as he was unfairly trashing Al Gore. Broder at last saw the light this week, though he suggests nobody could have known how lawless and reckless Bush would turn out to be back in 2000. Right. And still, The Dean, who thought Bill Clinton should resign for evading the truth about a sex act, does not call on a self-described unconstitutionally acting, lawless and reckless president to do the same. No right-wing conspiracy is necessary with tools like Broder around. I hope someone sends him this piece.

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