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Regular readers will know I'm no fan of Washington Post columnist David Broder, most recently on account of his obtuseness on the Plame case and his misunderstanding the (lack of) significance of Richard Armitage saying he was one of many White House people outing a CIA agent as political retribution.

But today at least, he got a scrap of something right:

The country thought Bush was a pleasant, down-to-earth guy who would not rock the boat. Instead, swayed by some inner impulse or the influence of Dick Cheney, he has proved to be lawless and reckless. He started a war he cannot finish, drove the government into debt and repeatedly defied the Constitution.

When "The Dean" breaks with a Republican administration this sharply, you know the pack is shifting. Which reminds me of the latest CBS/NY Times poll which shows deep disdain for Congress and little improvement among the public on its feeling about Bush:

The poll also found that President Bush had not improved his own or his party’s standing through his intense campaign of speeches and events surrounding the fifth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. The speeches were at the heart of a Republican strategy to thrust national security to the forefront in the fall elections.

Mr. Bush’s job approval rating was 37 percent in the poll, virtually unchanged from the last Times/CBS News poll, in August.


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