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Ernest Dumas has written a great column this week, which I have posted early, because it deals with Gov. Mike Huckabee's contradictory politics. Is he a conservative Republican, as he claims, or a runaway tax-and-spender and champion of big government, as the Club for Growth claims? Depending on the day and issue, you can see it both ways -- sometimes even on the same issue.

The column fits with this post by a very conservative blog that refers to a weekend Huckabee appearance in South Carolina, a very red state. You could hardly accuse him of pandering in that climate. He  said the federal government had done a "lousy job" on securing its borders (A$a, is this the same fellow who endorsed you and the job you did at Homeland Security?) and went on to talk like a  liberal about immigration issues. (Or at least like somebody who appreciates Tyson's need for chicken pluckers and a country club's need for greenskeepers.)

When people say illegal immigrants take jobs from Americans, Huckabee said he asks them to name someone "who cannot get a job because a Mexican illegally here has taken the job they want."

"If that's the case, if you can get me their name and phone number by five this afternoon, I can have them making a bed, plucking a chicken, tarring a roof or picking a tomato by the morning at 8 o' clock," he said.

Huckabee also apparently said that he thinks people here illegally should be given a chance to pay a fine and gain legal status, though he claims this is not amnesty. Presumably Jim Holt and A$a won't be asking the Huckster to join them on the hustings in NW Ark. when they discuss immigration issues. Better that he stay in South Carolina and Iowa.

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