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Road shows galore


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The StoryCorps isn't the only road show rolling into town. Riverfront Park also will welcome a visit this Thursday from an outfit opposed to the proliferation of  "earmarks" on federal spending bills, an increasingly popular way to load unrelated legislation with tons of pork.

In Little Rock, the group will target $6.5 million spent on the River Rail trolley project. A science project in Fayetteville also is in the group's sights on its nationwide tour. News release on the jump.


LITTLE ROCK – As the momentum to reform the Congressional practice of earmarking tax dollars for pork-barrel projects continues to build, the free-market Americans for Prosperity Foundation will bring its nationwide “Ending Earmarks Express,” a road tour of lawmakers’ questionable pet projects, to Little Rock, Ark. on Thursday, September 21. 

 The grassroots road tour, which began its inaugural swing on April 7th, has so far traveled over 10,000 miles to 33 states and 42 earmarks worth billions in hard-earned tax dollars. While in Arkansas, Americans for Prosperity Foundation President Tim Phillips will highlight a variety of federal earmarks that have been sneaked into spending bills over the past few years, including $6.5 million for the Little Rock River Rail Streetcar Project. The Ending Earmarks Express will also visit an earmark in Fayetteville, as well as pet projects in the states of Texas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma. A full schedule, including specific earmarks that will be highlighted at each stop, is available at:  

“Not every project that is funded with an earmark is necessarily a waste of money, but the practice of earmarking breeds corruption and makes it easier for extremely wasteful pet projects like the $223 million “Bridge to Nowhere” in Alaska or funding for a Teapot Museum in Sparta, North Carolina, to slip through,” said Americans for Prosperity Foundation President Tim Phillips. “Let’s end earmarks and have an open debate about how we should spend our tax dollars.”




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