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The Huckster calls himself a paradoxical Republican. Bipolar is more like it. Sounding like a Democrat on taxing and spending one day, wallowing with the hateful Family Research Council in Washington on another. Talk about a rogue's gallery.

Charles Pierce in the American Prospect notes:

Now, aside from the fact that there is no attempt by the good Christian folks at the Family Research Council to distance themselves from the odious Coulter -- who is a walking, living, breathing example of what the nuns used to call a "sin against charity" -- there are so many other wonders to behold. For example, I count at least five people -- George Allen, Sam Brownback, Mike Huckabee, Newt Gingrich, and my own governor, Mitt Romney -- who are rumored to be running for president and who come to wallow with a woman who recommends the assassination of Supreme Court justices.

The Huckster today also announced some more political campaign appearances. No, silly, not for Arkansas candidates. (Have any of them asked?) For candidates in South Carolina. Oh, and also in Virginia.


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