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Strange bedfellows



Daily Kos, the Arkansas Blog and Jackson T. Stephens, major benefactor of the Club for Growth united? Hard to believe. But that's what Kos suggests (even if he didn't mention us) in assessing primaries yesterday and again repeating his belief that The Huckster could be Da Man for Repubs, and a dangerous candidate for Dems.

  • Um. Where are the stories about how useless and irrelevant the Club for Growth is? They are not, of course. They have pulled off some upsets this primary season, with some of those victors so wingnutty that they may even help us pick up a couple of unexpected seats.


    The Club for Growth will have another important use for us -- they have an almost irrational hate for Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, and are going to mobilize to try and thwart his presidential ambitions. This is good, since I fear Huckabee more than I fear anyone in the potential GOP field. The more help we have knocking him down a notch or three, the better.


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