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Jethro, Knoop Park bureau chief and occasional media critic, files today:

I think the Democrat-Gazette's lead editorial today merits a blog mention.
A new low in intellectual dishonesty. Is there no level to which
the D-G won't sink in defending Bush and attacking Clinton?

Clinton's complaints about ABC's  "docu-drama" supposedly based on the 9/11 report, but inventing whole-cloth scenes that discredit real people who never did or said any of the damning things they're shown doing and saying, are compared with his alleged fondness for the "West Wing," a fictional program with made-up stories about make-believe characters portraying events everybody understands never happened.
Does the writer, presumably Greenberg, really think readers don't grasp the distinction?
On the other hand, since most of his audience are Bush supporters, they probably don't.

You can read the editorial by copying and pasting the following url from the D-G's free-access, NWA website into your browser. They prevent hyperlinks from our site to theirs for some screwy reason.

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