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Brummett says Democrats should fire back at Bush and Co. when they inject the appeasement issue. (UPDATE: I"m easily confused. This was actually Monday's column, but it bears repeating after last night's Bush address.)

But in saying "right back at you, buddy," the Democrats should be willing to assert the basic truth that the Bush administration has not practiced what it preaches.

They should make the plain and evident case that the Bush administration has not confronted the evil enemy, but deployed a defensive, reactive strategy that emphasizes intercepting attacks that are in the works, not going to and destroying the persons actually doing the planning. Police work over military action, in other words.

And this strategy asks only one sacrifice of the American citizenry. It's not one of public service or rationed resources or a special tax. It's a sacrifice of our Constitution and its protections against governmental invasions of our privacy.

Meantime, the Bush administration has dissipated our will and focus, not to mention our military might, with a nonsensical invasion of an irrelevant bystander.

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