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About that A$a surge ...



Rasmussen, who until now has been the Republican Party's favorite pollster, shows Beebe's lead over A$a widening. Daily Kos reports. Don't kid yourself that Repubs don't know this is the real score, even if they have managed to pad the panel for the Zogby tally. That's why they're getting ready to go all-gay-bashing all the time. Desperate times require desperately evil measures. The count and the amount from Rasmussen (who we think oversamples Repubs)

Beebe 49

A$a 38

This, we think, is key from the poll summary. One candidate is considered moderate One is considered far right.

A majority of voters (51%) sees Hutchinson as politically conservative while 23% say he’s a moderate.

The frontrunner, Beebe, is considered politically moderate by a solid plurality (46%) of the state’s voters..  Twenty-four percent (24%) say he’s liberal and 15% say he’s conservative. 





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