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WSJ poll says:

Beebe 47.6

A$a  44.3

Noted: I think Zogby is an opt-in poll, in which the survey goes back to a panel of people who've asked to be surveyed. That can cut both ways, of course.

Zogby's commentary notes that Beebe has a 7-point lead among independents, which he calls a small group in Arkansas. This commentary leaves me scratching my head a bit. Even Republicans admit there are more people who identify themselves as Democrats than Republicans in Arkansas. If Beebe has a 7-point lead among independents, but leads by only 3, it seems like you'd have to conclude either a) Beebe is doing poorly among Democrats or b) Republicans are overrepresented.

Republicans will say that there's an A$a bandwagon underway on account of those smashing bio ads that went up a week or so ago. Uh huh.

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