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Same song ...



... tax and spend, tax and spend, tax and spend. Clint Reed channels Sheffield Nelson in a press release on the jump. And we know how that turned out. And 1992. And 1996. And, channeling spirits here, probably 2006.

In short, do you think Bill Clinton would carry Arkansas today?


Former President Bill Clinton’s visit to Little Rock to raise campaign funds for Democrat nominee for governor Mike Beebe today should remind voters of the two men’s long record of raising taxes on working Arkansans without delivering results, said Clint Reed, executive director of the Republican Party of Arkansas in a statement today.


“In 1983, Governor Bill Clinton pushed for a sales tax increase, calling it an ‘investment in the future of our children and in the economic development of our state.’ Now, almost a quarter century later,
Arkansas is still near the bottom of national rankings in income growth.


“Mike Beebe supported Gov. Clinton’s tax increase as one of his first tax hikes in a legislative career that totaled $10 billion in new taxes on Arkansans. Now that he is running for Governor, General Beebe says that we need to cut taxes. Why is he running away from his record?


“We are happy to welcome Mr. Clinton home to Arkansas but hope that Arkansans will remember that he and General Beebe are responsible for billions of dollars in taxes paid by Arkansans over the last 20 years, without having delivered on the promised improvements in incomes. Can Arkansas afford another Democrat governor who over-promises and under-delivers?”


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