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This week's Arkansas Times has an interesting insider about Death Star -- AKA Sen. Bob Johnson of Bigelow -- who wants to prevent Central Arkansas Water from protecting Lake Maumelle. Johnson is not only working in behalf of Deltic Timber, but for his own signifcant property holdings in the Lake Maumelle watershed. Things are looking iffy. Just this week, Deltic has managed to string out a condemnation proceeding in Judge Mackie Pierce's court through the legislative session, when Johnson will be back to crap in our water again, if he can. And he might succeed this time, given lake defenders lost to term limits and legislative cowardice and special interest susceptibility.

Here's an idea of how much Bob Johnson cares about his surroundings -- our Insider on his family's despoiling of a Little Rock neighborhood with a dump.

Here's an update on that item from Leslie Newell Peacock, who has been covering the story for us:

The city's Neighborhood Programs code enforcement office will take bids on clean-up of a salvage yard at 915 Thayer St. and send the bill to property owner Johnson Brothers Investments of Bigelow, which Sen. Bob Johnson is a partner in.

Neighborhood Programs sent a certified letter to Johnson Brothers about trash and high grass along the perimeter of the property, but received no response by the due date, Aug. 30. The city's commercial property code enforcement office has also unsuccessfully tried to get Johnson Brothers to provide a schedule for clean-up of the salvage yard, where hundreds of tires, metal trash, spilled oil and other refuse is littering the  property.

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