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There's never been any doubt that the Democratic tent includes millions of practicing Christians. But Republicans have done a good job of smearing the party as godless.

The push-back now includes this new website, One of the creators is David Wilhelm, a former Clinton strategist and Democratic Party chair, who recognized the importance of this issue early in the Clinton years (and was booed for  defending the faith of Democrats in an appearance before the Christian Coalition.) Who are the Faithful Democrats? From the website:

We are an online community of Christian Democrats – religious leaders, political leaders, writers, and regular Americans who are committed to the Gospel and the common good. We discuss, we debate, we take action. And we will make our voices heard in the 2006 election season and beyond.

We don't believe that good Christians have to be Democrats. Nor do we believe that one religion has a monopoly on faith. But we make no apologies for rooting our identity as Democrats in our faith as Christians. That is who we are. And we are eager to act on our beliefs to make the country we love a more just and compassionate place.


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