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Another poll, another Beebe lead



Roby Brock's Talk Business has done another poll of statewide political races and issues. The automated poll tabulates responses from 1,000 respondents (drawn from a sample of people who'd voted in at least two of the last four general elections). The summary, with complete questions, is at this link. (Undecideds account for missing percentages in all races.)

Governor -- Beebe 48, A$a! 34, Lendall 1, Bryan 0.

Lt. Gov. -- Halter 44, Holt 40.

Atty. Gen. -- McDaniel 51, DeLay 37

Charity bingo -- For 40, Against 40

College bonds --  For 31, Against 40

Here are the cross-tabs.

The theme continues -- Dem sweep, save a question mark in the race for lt. gov.



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