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No need to thank us


While you were busy watching the Texas Longhorns play the North Texas State Whatever-they-call-em-now and basting your brisket in advance of the bloodbath on The Hill later this evening the Hempwallace Aesthetic Union was doing the heavy lifting involved in keeping you at the forefront of pragmatic thinking.

Former Ambassador Peter Galbraith (son of John Kenneth) spoke to The Middle East Institute on the topic of Iraq.

The kernel at the core of a long and enlightening presentation was Mr. Galbraith's truth: America is investing lives, our gross domestic product and what's left of our tattered worldwide reputation in "staying the course" to preserve a nation that does not exist. There IS no such thing as Iraq, he pointed out. Instead there is a Kurdish would-be nation, a Shiite would-be nation and a Sunni would-be nation. The Shiite would-be nation, he said, is just waiting for the Iranian Shiites to annex them.

You can go back to the game now.

P.S.: Mr. Galbraith has a book on this topic: The End of Iraq.

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